Start Your Own Seeds

A hands-on workshop to learn about the basics of seed-starting to grow your own tomatoes, basil, and marigolds.

In this workshop, you will learn about...

* choosing the right soil * 
* tools and equipment *
* reading and deciphering seed packets *
* how to plant seeds for three different plants *
* companion planting *
* nurturing your plants after they sprout *
* potting up/transplanting *
* pruning, trimming, pinching, and harvesting *

All materials will be provided, including: soil, pots, seeds, and printed instructions to take home with you.

The Details...

WHEN: schedule for 2024 coming soon 
1.5 hours

WHERE: The Markstay-Warren Community Centre, 39 Lafontaine Street, Warren (use library entrance to
access the boardroom)
COST: $50 per person