While there are an infinite amount of flower varieties I would love to grow, we've decided to aim for excellent quality of a small number of varieties.  Focusing primarily on zinnias, sunflowers, a couple of quick-growing fillers, and the odd trial flowers (lilies, tulips, and more) you can rest assured that all of the flowers coming from our farm are healthy and long-lasting.

All of our gardens are fertilized with our own compost and rabbit manure.  We never spray synthetic chemicals, our flowers are 100% naturally grown.

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Come to the farm and pick-your-own: directions on contact page.

Why Zinnias and Sunflowers?

Up here in Northern Ontario, we have a very short growing season (June-September).  With frost possible at pretty much any time, we are limited to growing either fast-growing flowers, or some that can tolerate a bit of frost at the beginning or end of the season.  Zinnias and sunflowers offer us quick growth, lots of colours, and multiple sizes/shapes to work with.

Other Flowers We Grow

Mixed Bouquets

This bouquet is made with
various sunflowers, mixed with sedum.


This gorgeous purple aster is one of my favourites!


A flower with purpose!  Calendula helps repel pests, and is great for your skin.

Red Poppies

I noticed these eye-catching flowers at a neighbour's house and immediately saved some seeds.  Stunning!

Mason Jar Bouquet

A slightly more casual version of a mixed bouquet, these typically contain foraged flowers to give a wildflower feel.


Poisonous to indoor pets, but a favourite for hummingbirds: foxglove is a pretty bell-shaped flower with signature 'freckles' on the inside.

2024 Flowers

As the 2024 gardens begin to get planned and plotted out, this section will be updated with any new varieties we will be trialing this coming season.  Stay tuned!