Our Breeding Rabbits

Bred for health, vigor, and litter size/growth.

We keep a number of purebred Californian and purebred New Zealand White rabbits in our herd to keep the genetics, however, most of our meat rabbit breeders are a hybrid of the two breeds.  Our breeders are chosen for good health, good body condition, litter size, and kit growth rates.  Once we have all of those genetic factors sorted, we will be only choosing the nicest, calmest rabbits with a good demeanor.

Our Breeds


Californian rabbits are a commercial meat breed because of their large size and quick growth.  They have a telltale black ears/nose/tails/feet marking with a white body.

Purebred New
Zealand White

NZ Rabbits come in a variety of colours, ours are all white with red eyes.  White fur makes butchering easier as the fur doesn't show up on the rabbit after processing.  These rabbits have a large size and the females have many kits in their litters, sometimes up to 14!

Hybrid Meat Mix

By breeding a Californian buck to a New Zealand doe, we attempt to get a large amount of kits per litter, with fast growth.  The best of both breeds.  The colourings on these hybrids can look like either of their parents, or can have the same markings as a Californian, but with a softer gray colour.


Proven Buck or Doe

*at least 6 months old*

*has had at least one successful litter*


Junior Buck or Doe

*4-6 months old*
*have not yet been bred*


Weanling Buck or Doe

*10-16 weeks old*
*ready to leave mom, eating solid food*


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Our handsome purebred California buck, Eddie, won some ribbons at the 2023 Warren Rabbit Show, including Best of Breed!